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Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights
Location: Copper Canyon, Phoenix, San Carlos, Alamos, El Fuerte, Posada Barrancas, and Casas Grandes
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Copper Canyon 8 Day Tour

Tour Description

A journey through the Copper Canyon is truly a must for all passionate travelers. Combining riveting adventure with a reprieve from the demands of the modern world, the Copper Canyons offers a gorgeous setting for a marvelous escape.

Carved from the legendary Sierra Madre mountain range in the state of Chihuahua, a colossal network of six interweaving canyons make up what is known as the Copper Canyons, or Barrancas del Cobre in Spanish. Some of these canyons run deeper than Arizona’s Grand Canyon by a margin of over 1,000 feet. While the Copper Canyon seems to lack the status of the Grand Canyon, this Mexican treasure suffers no shortage of natural beauty. It is simply pristine. Teeming with wildlife, much of the striking landscape of the Copper Canyons has remained virtually unexplored and unexploited.

How the Copper Canyon got its Name

Named for the color of its walls, the Copper Canyon spans a huge area, much of which is solely accessible by the Copper Canyon Railway. This feature earns the trip through the canyon a reputation as the world’s most scenic train ride. Covering a distance of over 400 miles, the trip takes 16 hours one way and is broken up into overnight stops along the route.

The Copper Canyon Railroad History

This railroad line was built starting in 1870, running from Kansas to Texas, and across the border to Chihuahua, Los Mochis and finally Topolobambo, one of the largest natural harbors in North America. The railroad was completed 91 years later when the tracks joined at Temoris Station on the southwestern edge of the canyon in one of the greatest engineering feats of the 20th century. Today’s route through the Copper Canyon takes passengers from sea level to an elevation of over 8,000 feet, through 86 tunnels, and across 39 bridges. The longest tunnel on the course measures nearly 6,000 feet, while the highest bridge sits 340 feet over the Chinipas River.

Enjoy a brief scenic overview of a Copper Canyon Mexico tour that A Closer Look Tours offers. Rick Najera, The MEXICO Report correspondent, shows you what it’s like to ride the Copper Canyon Train and Railway while taking in the beautiful panoramas of the Copper Canyon countryside. We hope you enjoy this virtual tour of traveling on the El Chepe train into Mexico’s Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico.