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The majestic Monarch butterflies migrate every year from northern U.S. and Canada
Duration: 7 Days, 6 Nights
Location: Mexico City, Valle de Bravo


The Monarch Butterflies in Mexico


Tour Description

Every year, after traveling more than 5,000 kilometers from Canada to Mexico, the weary Monarch butterflies descend upon the same Oyamel Woods located in the highest part of the Michoacán Mountains. This remote portion of Mexico has become a sanctuary for the majestic Monarch which hibernates here before traveling north to the United States and Canada. Furthermore, no other place in the world hosts such a vast amount of these amazing and wonderful creatures. Butterflies travel from all across North America to these mountains once a year to hibernate. Immerse yourself in this captivating and interactive adventure. Guests experience the transformative power of millions of Monarch Butterflies as they flutter among this lush and blooming sanctuary, landing just long enough to capture the perfect photograph.




• Tour operates with 10 passengers minimum
• Tour includes strenuous hiking at 8,000 feet altitude
• Horseback riding is not required, however, it is recommended
• Not recommended to those with walking difficulties
• Because of cold mountain temperatures, please dress appropriately