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Tour Monte Albán archaeological site
Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights
Location: Oaxaca, La Verde Antequera, Monte Albán, and The Mitla Valley

Tour through Oaxaca, Mexico

Tour Description


Oaxaca (wa-hah-kah) is a land of bountiful possibility. Striking scenery, ancient history, authentic cuisine and a lively arts scene come together here to create an unforgettable journey.

Framed by the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains, Oaxaca is as diverse in landscape as it is in culture. To the south is the Pacific Ocean, and the coastline claims stunning beach resorts such as Huatulco and Puerto Escondito. The city of Oaxaca – a popular and alluring destination – rests roughly 300 miles south of Mexico City.

Aptly nicknamed “Tierra del Sol” (The Land of the Sun), Oaxaca sits 5000 feet above sea-level, giving it a beautiful, temperate climate suitable for endless exploring. Just outside Oaxaca City grows the magnificent Árbol del Tule. With a reported age of over 2,000 years, this is widely known as world’s oldest tree. The trunk of this Montezuma cypress measures a remarkable 42 meters (137 feet) in diameter.

Oaxaca City features a wealth of cultural experience. The essence of ancient civilizations remains alive here in vivacious markets, old-style handicrafts and enduring colonial architecture dating back to the city’s 16th-century establishment. Wander through the lively downtown streets to take in the history and the innovation as one. Galleries, museums and restaurants now find their homes in expertly restored colonial buildings.

The ruins of Monte Albán comprise the state’s best-known archaeological site – one popular for its historical richness and astonishing views. Located just west of Oaxaca City, the ancient city was erected on a hilltop overlooking the Valley of Oaxaca and served as the capital of the indigenous Zapotec civilization for over 1000 years.

The ruins of Mitla lie southwest of Oaxaca City. Here, visitors can see intricate stone masonry and mosaics still steeped in centuries-old tradition of the Zapotec and Mixtec peoples. The influence of these and countless other ancient civilizations thrives in Oaxaca to this day.

Tradition is particularly influential in a culinary sense. The diverse cuisine of Oaxaca includes pre-Hispanic dishes and elaborate recipes of the colonial era. Each dish is a masterpiece in the “Land of the Seven Moles.” Trademark dishes include mole, tamales, and excellent cheeses. Wake up your senses with a warm cup of creamy atole or café olla.

With A Closer Look Tours, not only will you see the sights, but you will truly learn about and connect with the environment and culture of Oaxaca.