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Hotels and Motorcoach

Hotel Incidental Charges:

If you wish to incur any extra room charges for room service etc., it is necessary to provide a credit card to the hotel before doing so, and be sure you settle the account before departure.

Room Assignments:

Room assignments are made at random.  Please verify this at the beginning of the tour. Your Tour Director will be happy to fulfill your request, although no guarantees can be made.

Seat Rotation:

To ensure fair and equitable seating for all tour members, seating on the motorcoach will be rotated once a day in a clockwise direction.  Rotation will take place regardless of the number of passengers.  Your Tour Director will explain the procedure.


Personal handbags and carry-on luggage are your own responsibility at all times.  For the comfort and safety of all tour members, any piece exceeding 18” in length must be checked and transported in the luggage compartment under the coach.

Video and Photography


Most museums will allow cameras, but some will not allow flash photography, especially on ancient stonework and murals since it can damage the work. Typically, you will see signs written in Spanish and English that will advise you at each location and your A Closer Look Tour director will warn you as well.


When photographing the local people always ask their permission first.  In some regions the locals may be very accustomed to photographers and may ask for a fee.  In more rural area/populations they may just want you to show them the photo after it’s been taken.  Your A Closer Look Tour director will advise of the local customs.

Government and other Official Installations:

It’s best not to photograph the army or any military installations to avoid any misunderstandings.  While visiting locations included in your itinerary A Closer Look Tours typically has obtained permission in advance, but it’s always best to check with your A Closer Look Tour director.


When a service is taking place it is considered disrespectful to take pictures.  For some itineraries A Closer Look Tours has obtained permission in advance.  Your A Closer Look Tour director will always advise of the scenarios in advance.

Phone Calls in Mexico:

Please be aware that telephone calls can become considerably expensive from the hotel rooms, even if you are using a calling card or a toll free number.  Cell phone reception is very broad in Mexico, however your cell may not have service if you have not specifically added Mexico through your carrier.  It is advisable to check your roaming and data coverage with your provider before departing for Mexico.

Special Diets:

The hotels and restaurants will do their best to comply with special diets.  If you have a special request, you should request it when you make your reservation and your Tour Director should have that information.

Money exchange:

The official currency of Mexico is the Peso; however, with the exception of US coins.  US currency is accepted in some places, mainly on the hotels. Please keep in mind that you will be receiving change in pesos. Your Tour Director may be able to assist you in this matter also.  Visa and Master Card are accepted at professional business only.

Tipping in Mexico

Tipping is common in the United States and Mexico and practiced frequently at most service establishments.

When you are traveling in Mexico, always keep some loose change in your pocket because you never know when you’re going to need some of it for a tip.  In Mexico, not only is it customary, it is expected and appreciated in return for good service.  Most of A Closer Look Tours itineraries include tips for server, maids, bellmen, performers, etc.  Additional tips are always welcome if you see fit.  Tips for Drivers and Escorts are typically not included in the package. As an industry standard, $6 per day and $4 per day for the Escort and Driver respectively are recommended.

Bargaining in Mexico

Shopping at local markets in certain regions can be a very rewarding experience.  In certain regions especially along the border Mexican traders enjoy bargaining, but beware: if they feel you are trying to devalue their goods too much, they will become upset and may even refuse to trade with you.  Among some indigenous populations however, bargaining is considered extremely disrespectful.  It’s always best to ask the advice of your A Closer Look Tour director before assuming the practice is acceptable.

Speaking Spanish

If you speak Spanish (even broken Spanish) most Mexican’s take it as a compliment that you attempt to communicate in their language. Most hotel staff has at least a basic understanding and usage of English.  If something comes up and you don’t feel comfortable or you feel there is a language barrier, your A Closer Look Tour director will be happy to assist you.


We carry purified water while on the coach. In addition, we make multiple stops that afford an opportunity to purchase additional water if you need it.  We strongly recommend the use of the purified water in your room. All restaurants and hotels that are included in A Closer Look Tours itineraries use purified water and ice.


Mexico’s electricity system is the same as that of the USA: 120 V; 60 Hz.  If you are coming to Mexico from a country that uses a different socket type, e.g. the UK or Europe, you will need to bring electricity socket adapters with you.  People visiting from the U.S.A. do not need to bring socket adapters as the plug fittings in Mexico are identical to those in the U.S.A.